I recently moved to Austin, Texas from New York City, where I spent years working in commercial and travel photography. The desire for change from the extreme verticality of the city led to a series of road trips in search of the experience of horizon.  My working method includes a slow and deliberate process of observing and photographing the nuance of the unfolding landscape in all its aspects of color, light and form.  Present in each of these images is the imprint of modern humanity. Whether in the form of hovering power lines, an aging billboard or a discarded bottle cap, its appearance is felt as simultaneously in contrast and harmony with the landscape.
A group of smaller black and white photographs offer a poetic and more romantic view of my daily experience. It is my belief that at any time or place, regardless of light or subject, beauty can be found.

At a young age I was exposed to the work of poet William Carlos Williams , his poem The Red Wheelbarrow struck me as a perfectly distilled literal and emotional description of a scene of simple beauty. Capturing the brevity and beauty in the familiar yet overlooked is the challenge and joy that motivates me to pick up a camera and put it to my eye.

When not on the road I can be found at Canopy Studio's in the heart of East Austin's art community or at my music studio writing and recording the sound track of my journeys.